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We are known for our excellent skills in cleaning commercial properties to a very high standard. Maintaining that level of standard is why we are the best in the business. Whether its a dusty factory or formal offices we clean to the same standard but more importantly we maintain our standard of work throughout.

All staff are health and safety trained which we know is important when working within commercial properties.


We have Staff trained on industrial buffers and chemicals. Our knowledge gives our clients the confidence that their businesses are being cleaned safely as well as to the highest of standards. 


Shine Time Cleaning are used by some of the top estate agents in the country to perform end of tenancy cleans. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant we are happy to provide you with a service you will be happy with. We are highly skilled in this area of cleaning and always leave a job to the highest of standards. We know that properties going back up for let or on the market to sell must be deep cleaned from top to bottom unless otherwise requested. 



Shine Time Cleaning understand everyone likes things done a certain way. This is why we tailor our services to each client that can be changed when and if needed. Bed linen needs changing? We can do it. Shopping needs collected? We do that too. Prescription ready? Why not ask us to collect it for you?


Our tailored services are popular among all of our clients as it gives them peace of mind that those dreaded tasks are being taken care of by trusted professionals. 

We pride ourselves on our friendly and caring nature towards our clients, giving them and their families peace of mind that they are in safe hands, often providing clients with a regular friendly face in turn combating loneliness and isolation.

Shine Time Cleaning are much more than a cleaning company!


Do you dread standing at your ironing board for hours, pretend not to see the over flowing ironing basket every time you walk past it? or maybe you just don't have the time with working or being a busy parent. Shine Time Cleaning are committed to ironing clothes and returning them in pristine condition. All you need to worry about is putting them away. 


Using an industrial carpet cleaner, Shine Time Cleaning have always had outstanding results from carpets we have cleaned. Customers have considered renewing carpets prior to having them professionally cleaned by our team. We can freshen up a dull, grubby looking carpet/rug or give it a deeper clean if there's a tough stain needing removed. 

Oven cleaning can be one of the most "dodged" chore for many people. We understand why, however we are professionals! We have the right tools for the job, so instead of worrying about the next time you are going to have to get all greasy and sore from scrubbing just give us a call and let the Shine Time team take care of it for you.

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